TDX 5000 Tan Delta and capacitance test set

TDX 5000|Tan Delta and capacitance test set

TDX 5000
Tan Delta and capacitance test set

TDX 5000 is developed as a compact solution for high voltage Capacitance and Tan Delta (Dissipation Factor) measurements. Using the reactor option, TDX 5000 can also perform tests on rotating machines.

  • Rotating Machines
  • Power Transformer

Main features

  • Fully automatic
  • Variable output frequency: 1 - 500 Hz
  • Output voltage up to 12 kV
  • Tan Delta, capacitance, dissipation factor measurements and exciting current test
  • RCTD - compensating reactor module allows increasing the test current and getting the maximum test voltage with high capacitive burdens
  • PADS - Power Apparatus Diagnostic Software for automatic testing, assessment and report
  • USB interface and Ethernet interface for PC connection
  • Patented technology for capacitance and Tan Delta measurement
  • Light and compact


Tests performed

  • Tangent Delta
  • Capacitance


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