We are glad to inform our customers that a new firmware and software release of CBA 3000 is available

• Firmware CBA 3000 version 3.0.0
• Software Upgrade patch for CBApro (CBA 3000) version 7.6.0

• Calibration is no longer required for BSG tests
• Calibration is no longer required for GIS tests
• Calibration is no longer required for 2 breaks dynamic resistance tests
• Definition of a user message between tests
• Definition of a note for each test that can be printed on the report

Long list of parameters available after the test in the result table has been split up in two parts:
• Basic: contains common list usually sought by customers
• Advanced: extended list with the unconventional ones

Additional predefined configuration files, supporting:
• 4 breaks per phase circuit breaker
• Auxiliary contacts
• Minimum trip coil

All these new predefined configurations have their specific help images.

Additional enhancements:
• Explicit messages to guide the user during the configuration
• Static resistance test can now be started quickly using with SEL button

Added “dead time” and “OCO time” parameters.

Other refinements:
• Improved the overall usability of the instrument configuration
• Improved the general usability of the test plan definition and the analysis of results
• Improved definition of transducer calibration

Available Languages: English, Italian, France, Spanish, German and Croatian.