Simultaneous PD test on 72 accessories! The TECHIMP Service Division is proud to announce the successful completion of the first test of a large HV cable commissioning project in the USA. 

But, let’s look at the details of this unique project: a commissioning test on 5 different 345KV cable circuits with a combined lengths of 22.5 miles and a total of 192 accessories need to be tested. This significant project with a major American utility was secured by Power Delivery Solution (PDS), ALTANOVA’s partner in North America for HV cable commissioning. In addition to these impressive figures, this project also has another particularity. In fact, the set-up required to perform the test included 4 RTS units (provided by PDS) of which 2 were connected in parallel and 2 in series to reach the testing voltage of 339KV.

For the commissioning of the first and longest circuit (10 miles), five TECHIMP service engineers from Italy, USA and Germany worked together for many long hours and despite the adverse weather conditions, they successfully performed a simultaneous PD testing of 72 accessories at 3 voltage steps, reaching 1.7U0 which, to make things more interested, also included a 1-hour AC hi-pot test. This has been possible by installing 24 PD acquisition boxes at all manholes and terminations connected to each other through a fiber optic connection.

The other four remaining circuits should be completed by the end of April 2018.

The first challenge of this exciting project was definitely not a common one but once again the long experience in PD field testing and the strong collaboration between TECHIMP Service Teams worldwide have proven to be the key success factors.