Techimp - Altanova Group is proudly supporting the Hyperloop One in designing, testing, and manufacturing the most advanced Hyperloop transportation system in the world. 

Hyperloop One (called Virgin Hyperloop One since the end of 2017) is working to commercialize the Hyperloop for moving passengers and/or cargo at airline speeds at a fraction of the cost of air travel.  The concept of Hyperloop transportation was introduced and named by Elon Musk in August 2013.

One of the key element in the Hyperloop system is the variable-speed-drive (VSD) controlled linear motor, which is the driving force of the entire transportation system. A well-known issue in VSD controlled linear motor is, the insulation system constantly suffers the high frequency repetitive impulses from the VSD, which brings a great challenge in the insulation design, test, and manufacture.

Partial discharge (PD) testing is considered as the most effective assessment technology to evaluate the degradation of the insulation material used in those linear motors. However, the impulse signals from the VSD significantly limit the application of the PD test, as the impulse from the VSD has similar frequency spectrum as the PD pulses which cannot be distinguished by conventional PD testing equipment.

Techimp PDBaseII system, together with a series of high frequency high sensitive PD sensors, offers a great solution for PD measurement under impulse conditions. The Techimp patented technology, T-F Map filtering, provides an effective solution to separate the impulsive signals from various sources. This technology is ideal to discriminate the PD pulses from the VSD generated impulses, therefore ensures great accuracy and sensitivity in assessing the insulation material in the Hyperloop driving motors.

The Techimp impulse PD testing system has been adopted by Hyperloop One in varying stages to evaluate the performance of the insulation materials, to verify the design of the insulation system in the linear motors, and to assess the degradation of the motor in service.  The performance of the Techimp impulse PD testing system is well-received.

Techimp is continuing to support its customers and partners in insulation condition assessment, asset management and monitoring solutions.