Global monitoring for HV GIS

Global monitoring|for HV GIS

Global monitoring
for HV GIS

The GISNOVA monitoring system represents the latest state of the art for HV GIS monitoring by integrating partial discharge, circuit breaker and SF6 monitoring in a single platform.

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According to the CIGRE/CIRED Joint Working Group A3.32, the goal of Non-Intrusive Condition Assessment Methods (NICAM) is to reduce the overall costs of asset management. Several techniques can be used to assess these benefits and from different perspectives:

  1. Investment on NICAM
  2. Cost of failure/outage with and without condition assessment
  3. Cost of maintenance with and without condition assessment

Gas Insulated Switchgears have achieved a very high degree of reliability and availability, however, failures cannot be completely ruled out. In addition to manufacturing problems, defects may be induced during transportation, installation or aging process. Such defects must be identified as early as possible in order to avoid disruptions.

TECHIMP - ALTANOVA technology allows asset managers to adopt a monitoring strategy that guarantees maximum reliability of GIS. GISNOVA is a complete and modular monitoring system based on the monitoring and analysis of partial discharges, SF6 gas, and circuit breakers, avoiding most of the GIS failures that could be caused by lack of maintenance, aging, and electrical or overloads.


Main features of GISNOVA:

  • Modular system adaptable to already installed and new GIS
  • Non-intrusive technology
  • Flexibility to use pre-existing sensors
  • A large number of sensors are available, in order to adapt the monitoring system to a variety of GIS models
  • End-to-end installation, commissioning, and data analysis provided by the TECHIMP – ALTANOVA Service Division
  • Support from a team of experts, for the analysis of phenomena, and trends over time
  • Maintenance decisions can be taken on the basis of the real equipment condition under test