TDMS Pro Software for Protective Relay Testing

TDMS Pro|Software for Protective Relay Testing

Software for Protective Relay Testing

TDMS Pro is the NEW software platform designed to efficiently run tests and manage test data of almost any kind of electromechanical and digital relay from any manufacturer.
From the simplest to the most complex type, TDMS Pro, with a completely new graphic interface and advanced test functions, can be used to test all types of multifunction protection relays installed in power transmission and distribution networks, in power plants and industries. 
The universal test set compatible with TDMS Pro are: DRTS 66, DRTS 64, DRTS 34 and DRTS 33.


  • Protective Relay

Main Features

  • Automatic Import of relay settings
  • Large library of relays from the major relay producers
  • Easy configuration of DRTS Test Set
  • Simplified creation of complex test sequences thanks to Test Plan Editor
  • IEC 61850 Substation protocol testing facility
  • Creation of professional test reports through the Report Manager

Compatible with ISA Relay Test Set