Capacitive Divider

Capacitive Divider

Capacitive Coupler for PD measurements.

17.5 to 100kV Capacitive Couplers suitable for on-line or off-line PD tests on rotating machines, for both spot measurements and monitoring applications. A BNC termination is available to connect the coupler through a coaxial cable.

  • Rotating Machines
  • Variable Speed Drive

The high voltage is applied to the coupler through the voltage tap on the top. The capacitive divider includes, in the base, a measurement impedance (Zm) which allows both PD and synchronization signals (i.e. reference voltage) to be derived. The base includes also a surge arrester which limits the maximum transient output voltage.

Rated voltages available : 17.5kV - 20kV - 24kV - 50kV - 100kV