PDBASE II Acquisition Unit for Research and Quality Control

PDBASE II|Acquisition Unit for Research and Quality Control

Acquisition Unit for Research and Quality Control

PDBaseIITM has been expressly designed for the needs of a researchlab or for quality control. The PDBaseIITM is equipped with an ultra-wide band digitizer and integrated processing capabilities. With its fast sampling rate (200 MS/s) and its on-board processing capabilities, a considerable number of digitized PD pulse waveforms are analyzed and pulse features are stored for a further processing leading to the final PD source identification

  • Rotating Machines
  • Gis
  • High Voltage Cables
  • Variable Speed Drive
  • Medium Voltage Cables
  • Medium and Low Voltage Switchgear
  • Power Transformer

PDBase IITM is provided with different acquisition modes to give maximum measurement flexibility. It is able to perform PD tests within a broad frequency range for various applications.

PDBase IITM takes advantage of three main acquisition modes: 2 diagnostic and one standard. In standard mode a hardware filter (integrated in the system) narrows the band of the system, thus complying the requirements of IEC60270 STD

The PDBase IITM acquisition software holds all the needed functions to control the instrument, to set the correct acquisition parameters, to acquire and visualize the PD dataset in order to get an immediate diagnostic response.

PDProcessing and Quality Control add-on are software that allow the acquired data files to be processed for a deep analysis of the detected phenomena.


  • Innovative instrument for Partial Discharge recording & processing
  • Ultra Wide band, fast integrated processing capability
  • Up to 6 PD Channels
  • Powerful, PD Pulse detector and Waveform analyzer
  • Fuzzy logic diagnostic tools and statistical processing
  • IEC 60270 compliant