Tap Adapter

Tap Adapter

high performance PD sensors:

TECHIMP Voltage Tap Adapter allows the user to connect to the test tap (sometimes called power factor tap) of high voltage transformer bushings. 
While keeping the test tap well below the safety voltage level required by the manufacturer, the Tap Adapter lets the user to drain high frequency PD signals for diagnostic assessment of insulating materials.
A synchronization signal can be derived as well. It is suitable for both single shot as well as continuous PD monitoring.

  • Power Transformer


Although it must be customized on the basis of the shape and dimension of the test tap (to be provided by the Customer), many models are readily available for the most established transformer bushings. A list of the presently available models is reported below. Several thousands of hours of operation are a guarantee of reliability and accurate design.

Long lasting materials such as stainless steel and brass are used to guarantee a reliable contact.
A BNC termination is available to connect the Voltage Tap to the coaxial cable. The cable ends into the Derivation Box which usually lays at ground level.
The proper measurement impedance and an overvoltage protection are integrated into the TapAdapter. Values of the above electrical components are chosen on the basis of the bushing capacitance (commonly referred as C1, to be provided by the Customer).

In case of long term overvoltage the units has a fail safe protection which shunts the measurement impedance to ground, thus preventing the bushing from overvoltage and sparkover on the test tap.
Even in the case of accidental disconnection of the output cable, the unit will keep the transformer bushing in a state of absolute safety.
It has a fully sealed body suitable for reliable outdoor installation.
A multipolar detachable connector is available (as an option) to completely disconnect the internal resistor, as well as the internal SVP, in order to perform a true tanδ measurement by means of an external suitable equipment.