CC Temperature Sensors LV (Low Voltage) applications (iNFC™)

CC Temperature Sensors|LV (Low Voltage) applications (iNFC™)

CC Temperature Sensors
LV (Low Voltage) applications (iNFC™)

IntelliSAW low voltage temperature sensors provide monitoring data based on physical contact with live (powered) potential hot spots while still ensuring electrical isolation through the use of embedded Integrated Near-Field Coupling (iNFC) wireless technology.

  • Medium and Low Voltage Switchgear

iNFC allows for a high density of sensors in a single asset, ensuring all desired points can be monitored. CC-E sensors are optimized for 3-phase molded case circuit breakers and contain three distinct temperature sensors, one for each cable termination.

CC-TC and CC-WC sensors are designed to monitor a single point by clipping directly onto a busbar, and they can be daisy-chained to monitor multiple hard-to-reach locations.

Main features

  • Multiple designs inspired by common low voltage assets.
  • Easy and quick installation in new or retrofit equipment.
  • Electrically isolated up to 1kv for most equipment.
  • 100% passive, requiring no sensor power source or maintenance for installed life.
  • Supports high sensor density within any asset.