ALTANOVA permanent PD monitoring system for HV cable supports the constant effort to improve productivity, reduce maintenance costs, increase plant availability and tackle ever-increasing environmental issues.

Techimp HQ, the business unit of the group focused on Partial Discharge testing and monitoring, has recently set a significant installation of permanent Partial Discharge monitoring system on 220kV three-phase double circuit in Panama region, South America.
The Permanent PD monitoring system for HV cable consists of a Central Unit and distributed electronic equipment (PD Acquisition Units) able to acquire and process Partial Discharge signals, locally detected through High Frequency Current Transformer (HFCT) PD sensors designed by Techimp and directly installed around the grounding leads of each equipment under test (cable terminations and joints). The innovative Permanent Power Supply units (PPS) allow a reliable low voltage power supply of every installed acquisition unit, without need of additional external power feeders.

ALTANOVA GROUP provides the most advanced software tools for PD data analysis and Identification. These tools are based upon the SID (Separation, Identification, Diagnosis) strategy and allow noise rejection, PD source separation and identification. TECHIMP's patented T/F-map technology provides a powerful and efficient diagnostic approach able to disentangle even the most critical PD phenomena, thus improving PD identification from different overlapping PD and noise sources. 

TiScada monitoring software provides to the final user all key information about the equipment under test in just one WebApplication (Humane Machine Interface, HMI), displaying critical information like system warnings and PD diagnostic alarms. Detailed trending can be configured and evaluated, and in-depth analysis of data can be performed. Data can be correlated in order to get a more precise understanding of the current condition. If desired, TiScada can be customized to integrate an unlimited number of further parameters by third part monitoring apparatus.

Permanent Power Supply (PPS) concept has been developed to allow permanent PD monitoring on HV cable terminations and joints when low voltage power is not available.
PPS gets the required energy from the HV power line under monitoring by means of one or more toroidal units directly clamped on HV power cable under test.
The Permanent Power Supply  is able to continuously supply the installed acquisition units when the HV cable is energized and allows to share a common PD synchronization signal to whole PD monitoring system. PPS is made up of two main devices: the clamp toroidal transformer and the electronic controlled supply unit.