Locating a fault in electrical transmission lines may take very much effort and resources, especially if the lines cover very long distances.

It could even require the use of helicopter when the line passes over an area where there are no roads, but only bushes, forests or mountains, and this could be very expensive. Additionally, if the line is out of service for long time, customers will require very expensive penalties, not to mention the fact that a lack of service causes huge losses of income.

To avoid this unpleasant situation ISA - ALTANOVA GROUP provides a very innovative and easy to install solution. We are talking about the  Travelling Wave System TFS2100E.
This innovative technology allows to localize a fault with an accuracy between 2 towers in a very short time,  enabling the maintenance team going straight where the fault is located.

Travelling Wave System TFS2100E helps reducing the fault repair time, increases the system reliability and support to prevent further faults.

The TFS2100E system can be applied to all type of lines: HV, EHV, DC, coupled, compensated, T-lines, overhead and underground cables.

Last year ISA - ALTANOVA GROUP completed successfully the installation of Travelling Wave System TFS2100E to cover the complete High Voltage Transmission network of Saint Lucia Island.

Santa Lucia is a territory with a lot of thick vegetation and this is a typical landscape that requires such a fault locator system. As a matter of fact, in order to prevent time consuming repairs, the local Utility of Santa Lucia, LUCELEC, chose our Travelling Wave fault location system TFS2100E in order to monitor lines which passes over zones with quite difficult access.

The acquisition units TDU100E were installed in all the HV substations located in the different parts of the island. These acquisition units are interconnected by the high voltage lines which are monitored by TFS2100E system.

In the Network Control Center (NCC) is installed, in a PC provided by LUCELEC, the Manager Software TAS2100E, that was configured with all the substations and lines involved. By the same PC is also possible to update by remote the setting of each acquisition unit TDU100E, without to go up to the substations.

In case of fault, the asset manager can in real time identify the point of failure, and quickly send the maintenance team to fix the fault.

In addition, the TAS2100E software can discriminate between fault, circuit breaker operation and other noise.

The project started in 2016 with an installation covering the south part of Santa Lucia High Voltage Transmission network. In 2017 LUCELEC asked the Travelling Wave fault location system to be installed also in the north part of the island. It has been the first installation of ISA - ALTANOVA GROUP in the Caribbean area.