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Derivation Box

Techimp Derivation Box allows to connect (permanently or temporarily) a PD measurement instrument to the sensors permanently installed in an electrical asset. Once installed, it allows the operator to connect the PD System and carry out a PD measurement without any outage of the equipment to be tested.

  • Moteurs et Générateurs
  • Câbles MT
  • Cellules de moyenne et basse tension
  • Transformateur de Puissance


It houses surge arrestors in order to limit the maximum output transient voltage and hence assuring the safety of operators and connected equipment.
It is housed in a powder varnished thick alluminum box.
The Derivation Box includes also an output channel for the needed reference voltage signal (synchronization signal). 
In most of the cases, the installation of the Derivation Box installation doesn’t require the outage of the electrical apparatus. The Derivation Box is also provided with a binding post dedicated to the ground connection. Earthing connection must be realized by means of a proper cable, depending on the length and local safety requirement.
It is also recommended to fix the Derivation Box to a proper support by means of the screws located on the back side of the box. Preferably, the Derivation Box should be wall-mounted. An outdoor version with a protection degree IP65 is available as an option. Higher protection degrees up to IP68 are available as well.