Global monitoring for power transformer

Global monitoring|for power transformer

Global monitoring
for power transformer

ALTANOVA offers a complete system for integrated transformer monitoring incluse partial discharge, tan-d and dissolved gas analyzer (DGA) with the capability of integration of further operating parameters.

  • Power Transformer

Power Transformers are one of the most critical components in electrical subsystems; their failures are among the first 10 major causes for system outages and derating. After years of advanced researches, laboratory and on-field tests, ALTANOVA has developed powerful and effective tools which can help asset managers to take important decisions and manage power transformers in a cost-saving way.

Reduction of overall maintenance costs and better diagnostic coverage, exploiting synergies between information provided by different diagnostic techniques and higher reliability level in monitored systems, are the strength of the ALTANOVAs approach.

ALTANOVA offers a complete system and measurement chain for online condition assessment of transformers, from sensors and subsystems up to general purpose platform.

Continuous monitoring and correlation of the following parameters is allowed:

  • Partial discharge (PD)
  • Bushing monitoring (tan-d)
  • DGA (single or multi gases)
  • Transformer operating hours
  • Transformer thermal aging
  • Winding temperature
  • Cooling diagnostic
  • Moisture, dielectric oil
  • Binary events
  • Tap Changer (Condition, OLTC, etc)