TECHSQUARE Impulse voltage generator

TECHSQUARE|Impulse voltage generator

Impulse voltage generator

for the new IEC standards, IEC 60034-18-41 and IEC 60034-18-42

Techsquare impulse voltage generator for qualification and quality control tests

Impulse Generator and Partial Discharge Detector for insulation systems subjected to repetitive voltage impulses. TechSQUARE is suitable for design and qualification tests of electrical insulation systems to be used under power electronic waveforms. 

  • Rotating Machines
  • Variable Speed Drive


  • Very short pulse rise time in order to fit to Turn/Turn stress category
  • Variable repetition frequency and duty cycle
  • Capability of supplying highly capacitive windings and stators
  • Fully controllable output waveform
  • Large output current above the limits of the available commercial impulse voltage generators


New IEC standards, IEC 60034-18-41 and IEC 60034-18-42, have been issued to define the procedures for testing partial discharge inception voltage and the long-term performance (endurance) of Type I and Type II insulation systems used in rotating machines fed from voltage converters. Voltage impulse generators are required at least to test turn insulation, but they would be recommended for any testing under power electronics supply because of their capability to simulate the real electrical stress conditions. 

Any type of electrical insulation system when subject to impulsive voltage waveform during life should be carefully evaluated in terms of partial discharge and endurance behavior. This is why voltage impulse generators able to provide impulses with controlled amplitude and frequency are needed to face this new testing challenge.

TechSQUARE is suitable for design and qualification tests of electrical insulation systems to be used under power electronic waveforms. For Type I insulation, partial discharges are not allowed, thus partial discharge inceptions and extinction tests are mandatory. Limited intensity of partial discharges are permitted for the whole life of Type II insulation, which need, therefore, to be subjected to accelerated life (endurance) tests.
NORMATIVE REFERENCES: 60034-18-41 | 60034-18-42 | IEC/TS 61934 | IEC 62068

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