HFCT clamp Ø 39-140 mm

HFCT clamp|Ø 39-140 mm

HFCT clamp
Ø 39-140 mm

high performance inductive PD sensors:

Clamp High Frequency Current Transformer Ø 39 - 140mm

TECHIMP’s Clamp High Frequency Current Transformer are inductive sensors for partial discharge measurements. It is suitable for on/off line PD tests on many electrical systems such as cables, transformers, rotating machine, etc...

The main advantage of a Clamp HFCT is that it can be clamped directly on the ground connection of the system to be tested without deenergizing it.

  • Gis
  • HV Cables
  • MV Cables
  • MV Switchgears
  • Power Transformer


  • Maintenance free
  • High sensitivity and reliability
  • Robust and easy to use
  • Safety


A coaxial TNC connector is available to connect the Clamp HFCT to the PD acquisition unit through a suitable 50Ω coaxial cable. The arrow indicates the direction of the output voltage (Vout) in comparison with the direction of the input current (Iin): when the sensor is installed with the arrow directed to ground, the detected voltage signal (Vout) has the same phase as the input current (Iin). 

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