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We are a leading company in the field of advanced condition assessment technologies centered around partial discharge (PD) measurement and analysis as well as testing instruments for electrical apparatus. ALTANOVA Group has its roots in three strong, long experienced companies: ISA, TECHIMP and IntelliSAW. The merger of the three companies provides synergies to the benefit of our customers in terms of giving access to new solutions and technologies.

ALTANOVA Group serves customers in more than 100 countries and operates with local branches in Germany, France, US, India, Singapore, Panama, Brazil, UAE, and China . A global network of trained and specialized partners, agents and distributors are helping with customized solutions for our customers coming from transmission and distribution, oil & gas, process industries, EPCs, power generation, renewables, marine and transport and OEMs.

The companies of the group:


ISA is a renowned company in the field of design and manufacturing of portable equipment for testing electrical assets, with more than 80 years of experience. Located in the north of Italy, ISA more than 50 people are working on the development and design of instruments for the testing of protective relays, power transformers, instrument transformers, circuit breakers, batteries and many other high voltage apparatuses.

All products are developed in close cooperation with our customers to insure best results for standard conformity, ease of testing, handling of equipment and health and safety aspects.


Started in 1999 as a spin-off from the University of Bologna, TECHIMP is the major player in condition assessment and permanent monitoring of partial discharge activities of electrical assets. Located in Bologna, TECHIMP develops, manufactures and distributes products, systems, and provides services for several applications like, quality control, commissioning tests, on-line/off-line measurements, and permanent monitoring.

With its proactive participation in global committees like IEC, IEEE, Cigre, ICC it has published numerous award-winning papers around partial discharge technology and has a strong involvement in the definition of todays standards. Beyond the development of the T/F-map technology for unsurpassed noise suppression in partial discharge measurement applications, TECHIMP has always continued to be proactive in research projects and cutting-edge technology. Through this TECHIMP can provide solutions like the space charge measuring systems for investigations on HVDC insulations systems to research centers of OEMs and other institutions.


Founded in Andover in 2011, IntelliSAW joins ALTANOVA Group on 2019. The company develops and supplies sensor systems which provide continuous monitoring of assets critical to the transmission, delivery, and industrial consumption of electrical power. The IntelliSAW system is specifically designed to monitor the three main sources of critical asset failure: thermal breakdown, insulation breakdown, and air dielectric breakdown. These sources of failure manifest themselves as excessive temperature, partial discharge, and condensing humidity respectively. With IntelliSAW’s solution, all these failure modes can be monitored, analyzed, and acted upon thereby substantially limiting the risk of catastrophic failure and loss of electric power.


Altanova Group: Quality, Health, Safety and Enviroment integrated policy. Altanova Group considers the ability to understand and satisfy the demands of its customers to be a priority and fundamental by offering products and services in compliance with the Environment, Health and Safety of employees, as well as all interested parties. To guarantee the concrete application of this principle in Business management, Techimp - Altanova Group Srl has developed its own Integrated Quality and Environment Management System, certifying it with respect to international standards UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 AND UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015 (The last one is being acquired).



To be a worldwide benchmark for the realization of test, monitoring and diagnostic solutions of electrical power systems. We are an innovative company that offers quality products, services and the most advanced solutions in order to grow and become a global leader in our industry.



To develop technological innovative solutions in order to create value for our customers all over the world. We achieve our goals thanks to the commitment and passion of our people, to the quality of our relationship with our partners and to the development of our team.



Passion for customers

We create strong and long-lasting relationships with our customers.


We are focused on the results and on their positive impact on our customers.


We believe in innovation, we welcome new challenges and we support new ideas.


Quality is our standard, excellence is our goal.

People Development

We pursue personal and professional growth of all our collaborators.