Diagnostic Services

Off-line and on-line Partial Discharge assessments for:


MV and HV Cables systems

TECHIMP - Altanova Group is a global leader in testing and monitoring of cable systems documented by an impressive international reference list built up over the last 20 years of activity.
Customers around the globe and from all industry sectors rely on TECHIMP’s expertise for spot testing and fleet screening of their cable systems. Trending of PD phenomena during cable system life through on-line PD measurements (in a permanent or non-permanent way) can be a very effective method to keep the degradation process in the insulation system of your assets under observation and control.


Rotating Machines

Motors and generators are characterized by a complex electro-mechanical system being exposed to different stress factors such as thermal, electrical, ambient and mechanical. These factors are causing the ageing of the insulation system. By increasing the stress due to load changes, overvoltage or hazardous ambient area the ageing can be accelerated.
Performing PD assessments can help to identify the actual status of the insulation system and prevent a breakdown of the machine before the end of the designed life.
TECHIMP offers a wide range of testing services and continuous monitoring solutions for individual motors up to complete power plant.


Variable Speed Drives

Adjustable Speed Drives (ASD) are already widely employed in industrial and technological applications for their significant advantages of speed control and efficiency. However, over the last decade a growing number of premature failures has been experienced particularly in motors fed by pulse width modulation converters. To address this issue, TECHIMP has developed a technology suitable for converter fed motors and adjustable speed drive applications.


Power and Distribution Transformers

TECHIMP offers diagnostic PD assessments on all transformers types, regardless of their size or configuration thanks to a wide range of sensors and systems that can also allow for a complete check-up of the asset through the addition of Tan-Delta and DGA testing.


Air or Gas Insulated Switchgears

Switchgears are also vulnerable to PD, including GIS which over the years have attained a very high degree of reliability. Failures can happen as a consequence of manufacturing defects, poor commissioning or simply by the ageing of the asset. Such problems shall be found as early as possible, before failure happens which can have costly consequences. TECHIMP uses different types of sensors to diagnose the conditions of the insulation systems in all types of switchgears.