Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Complete Network Condition Monitoring Ensuring Availability of Production Processes

Motors, Pumps, Generators, Cables, Transformers, Switchgears are the most critical components in a electrical subsystem of Oil&Gas Plants and, in fact, their failure is among the first causes for system outages in Offshore Production Platforms, Oil/Gas Fields, Refineries, Petrochemical Plants & Power Generation Plants.

After years of advanced researches, laboratory and on-field tests, Altanova Group has developed an on-line powerful and effective technology which supports the asset manager decisions to manage electrical subsystems in a cost-saving way.

Reduction of overall maintenance costs and better diagnostic coverage, exploiting synergies between information provided by different diagnostic techniques and chosen reliability level in monitored systems, are the strength of the Altanova approach.

We offers a complete system for on-line condition assessment by means of own monitoring solutions, together with a wide range of portable testing equipment for performing the most common electrical tests.