HV + EHV commissioning testing

Commissioning tests are the final check on the cable system, performed to pinpoint eventual damages caused during the installation process. Techimp personnel will provide an accurate measurement in order to verify absence of dangerous Partial discharge phenomena discriminating between possible noise or disturbances.
For the commissioning of cable systems, TECHIMP offers different methodologies: 

  • AC Hi-Pot or 24-hour Soak Test and Partial Discharge commissioning testing of new HV and EHV underground cable installations as per IEC 60840 and IEC 62067

  • Access to a range of small and large Resonant Test Systems, and can test cables up to 500kV at 1.7U0, both short and long circuits

  • Installation and commissioning of permanent Partial Discharge sensors for on-line and remote PD monitoring


Type of tests

  • Off-line Sequential & Simultaneous Tests for jointed and non-jointed cable systems

  • On-line 24-hour Soak Test

  • Other tests performed: Impedance Test, Sheath Current Test, Capacitance Test, Polarization Index, Tan-Delta, Insulation Resistance Test 

  • PD localization (Time Domain Reflectometry & Arrival Time Analysis)