STCS PLUS Switch module

STCS PLUS|Switch module

Switch module


The external module STCS Plus allows to run automatically and with a single set up, any kind of tests on power transformer.

  • Power Transformer

Only two multipolar cables are needed, one for the primary side and one for the secondary side, each placed on its own cable reel in order to have a unique and complete connection to the power transformer. The option includes also two junction boxes that allow an easy connection of the multipolar cables to the transformer bushings. One of these boxes is equipped with a switch high current for automatic measurement of the short circuit impedance.


  • Fast measurement and single set-up for all the tests
  • Lower probability of connection errors
  • Different cable is provided according to the dimensions of the transformer
  • Removable lid for a more comfortable use


STCS PLUS optional set, allows to perform the following tests automatically and with a single setup connection:

  • Ratio per tap
  • No load current
  • Vector group
  • Short-circuit impedance
  • Leakage reactance
  • Winding resistance
  • OLTC dynamic test
  • Demagnetization