NLFA Notch Low Frequency Amplifier

NLFA|Notch Low Frequency Amplifier

Notch Low Frequency Amplifier

Notch Low Frequency Amplifier

The NLFA is a multiple element device allowing several useful field configurations.
The three internal elements, one low frequency amplifier, two notch amplifier each with the cut off freq. of 50Hz (or 60Hz for a specific version) can be used as independent ones or combined together to increase the notch function. The effect of the cascade of two notches is the increasing of the signal attenuation for the notch frequency.

  • High Voltage Cables
  • Medium Voltage Cables

The NLFA device is designed to allow the correct Syncronization of PDSolver - PDBase - PDCheck equipment when resonant test are performed.
The NLFA gets the required energy from an external power supply or from a standard 12 V battery.