iCT1 Current and Voltage Transformer test set

iCT1|Current and Voltage Transformer test set

Current and Voltage Transformer test set

iCT1 - CT/VT Test Set is the NEW and most advanced portable equipment capable to test current, voltage and combined transformers.
With the low voltage method, known as "DC method", iCT1 is able to test Current Transformers with a very high saturation voltage, up to 30 kV, in a complete safety mode. Quick and easy to use tool, iCT1 allows to perform tests in one shot without changing the connection to the CT, thanks to the integrated 5-TAP Switchbox.


  • Current / Voltage Transformer

Key features

  • Designed to test Current, Voltage and Combined Transformers
  • Time saving testing: only 1 set up connection to perform all the tests
  • Main tests performed: Ratio & Phase Error, Excitation, Resistance, Accuracy, Burden
  • 5-TAP integrated Switchbox describing the behavior of the CT
  • Able to test CT with saturation voltage up to 2kV and till 30kV applying DC indirect method
  • Integrated Demagnetizer
  • CT Explorer function: able to find the nameplate data of the CT
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Patented technology


Tests performed on Current transformer

  • Turn ratio and polarity voltage mode
  • Burden secondary side
  • Excitation curve
  • Excitation curve DC method
  • Winding/burden resistance
  • ALF / ISF
  • Leackage current AC
  • Accuracy test
  • CT explorer
  • Demagnetizer


Tests performed on Voltage transformer

  • Ratio
  • Ratio electronics
  • Burden
  • No load current